Our Journey So Far

We are thrilled to announce that Mobile Masters, formerly known as Power Swift Mobile, has expanded our services to better serve our customers. Since our inception in February 2016, we have always focused on providing high-quality repairs and exceptional customer service. Over the years, we have grown and accumulated extensive knowledge in the industry, and have built a network of talented individuals to offer a one-stop-shop for all your repair and device needs.
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Our main goal is the satisfaction of customers – both retail buyers and organizations.

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Our newest project, the Mobile Masters online shop, is our way of bringing savings to your doorstep. As a small business, we have been limited to serving customers who are close to our physical location. However, with the launch of our online shop, we are now able to offer devices in a variety of conditions for a fraction of the price, making it a smart solution for buying devices for any occasion while also addressing the growing e-waste problem. At Mobile Masters, we are committed to keeping electronics out of landfills and bringing smiles to our customers’ faces, and our online shop is one step closer to achieving that goal.
We are excited to share that we have rebranded as Mobile Masters in May 2023, to better align with our belief that we are the best for all your tech needs. Our commitment to excellence and superior customer service remains unchanged, and we are always striving to improve and exceed your expectations. As part of our continued efforts to provide convenient solutions, we are now offering mobile on-site repair services at your home or office. Simply schedule an appointment with us, and our technicians will come to you to get your tech fixed.
We are grateful for your continued support and trust in Mobile Masters, and we look forward to serving you with our expanded services and offerings. Thank you for being a part of our journey so far, and we are committed to making your experience with us even better in the future.