Acima - In Store Only Purchases Only

Mobile Masters has partnered with Acima to provide you with convenient financing options for all of our devices. We have also started our own in-house financing option. Now you can get the device you want without having to pay for it all upfront. With these financing options, you don’t need to worry about having good credit to qualify. Additionally, there’s a 90-day purchase option, which allows you to buy the device outright before 90 days have passed. Best of all, applying for financing is free and easy, so you can see what you qualify for without any hassle. Apply today and enjoy the benefits of affordable financing to make your sound experience even better!

Acima requires a $60 initial payment, this fee does not go towards the payment of the device. You can finance anything with Acima. 90 days to purchase the device without any additional interest. If over 90 days interest would start accruing. 

In-House Financing Option


The initial payment starts from $75 or 25% of the purchase price, whichever is greater. You can enjoy convenient auto payments as low as $35 biweekly. If you pay off your purchase within 90 days, it will be the same as cash, except for a $50 finance charge. However, if you take longer than 90 days to pay, interest charges will start accruing. Please note that these financing options are only available for phones or cellular iPads. With these flexible financing options, you can make your sound experience even better by getting the devices you want without having to pay for them all at once upfront. This is for in store only, so stop by and we can get you the device you want!


We’re no longer taking Payvantage applications.